Where You Are


I once emerged from Clapham common tube station in London at a time of day when the light was just fading, the streets were alive with the commuter traffic and crowds and the city was readying itself for the electric buzz of the evening ahead. I had made the journey and been in the spot many times but on this specific occasion something made me stop and take it all in differently. The memory of this moment was a key spark for the writing of the opening songs of our second album The Singing City.


And the day has been and gone, neon lights are bursting on

And the city streets start humming with the noise

This is where You are, this is where You are


In places our first album celebrated finding God in the wonder and creation of the natural world. The second album celebrates an urban God found in the concrete and noise of everyday city life. The album’s opening as it moves through different sections is an attempt to paint a picture of a day gradually coming to life in the city and a God who is there ‘in every journey’. The journey through each day, the journey to work, the journey through life.

Two books definitely had an influence on the lyrics and themes. Restoring the Wonder by Mike Starkey and If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things by Jon Mcgregor –both amazing and highly recommended. The most memorable moment of recording these songs was probably Phil recording the piano solo on a lovely grand piano down in Eastbourne. It was a great moment not just because of Phil’s fab playing but it finally replaced the comedy piano solo on the track played by my good self as an early guide. Now gratefully erased and never to see the light of day again!


The place you are in is full of wonders, even if that place is wilderness. Open your eyes wide enough, look for long enough and you will see.

Mike Starkey -  Restoring the Wonder