'The heavens declare the glory of God , the skies proclaim the work of His hands, day after day they pour forth speech'  (Psalm 19:1-2)

The process of recording our first album and actually bringing the project and band together had just begun when this song burst into joyful life around Christmas 2009. The feel of the music was definitely loud and joyful and sparked a theme of thankfulness and opening our eyes to the wonder to be found around us in creation. 
The melody of the chorus came quickly but sadly the creative process was temporarily blocked as I had to go to work. I can vividly remember driving to work with the half written song buzzing in my head. Suddenly all of the chorus lyrics spilled out in one go - I had to pull over and write them down on the back of a set of RAC road directions - which is all I had to hand in the car!

Annika learnt the song quickly and the first rough demo vocal take had a real energy about it. A year later we re-recorded the vocal in Stockholm but in the end we chose to use the original demo vocal for the album - it just had a particular vibe we loved.

It was at the time of recording the original demo for Stars that Annika and I resolved to press forward and try and put Treasure Field together and make it all happen. So it’s fitting that the song that came to life at that time opens our first album and in some ways has become a bit of a calling card & anthem for the band.

The scratchy radio intro was a calculated blatant attempt to get unsuspecting listeners to turn up the volume before the track hits! Sorry if it broke your stereo (or worse you had it on your headphones!)

'B-grade' wonder is full of the wonder of place, but has nobody to thank for it. 'A-grade' wonder directs its thanks towards God as the giver of such generous, gratuitous diversity. (Mike Starkey - Restoring the Wonder)

Out in the darkness diamond lights, a million stars light up the night
And all the colours of the world are ours, to see and touch and hear Your voice
Like waves upon the shore deep calls to deep to know You more
And everyday a gift a chance to see the stars