Rooftops of the world


When we began to record the album Butterflies and Galaxies, we realised that we were one or two songs short of a complete album. Rooftops of the World was a song that came in to plug the gap having been originally written and performed with a previous band but never recorded. It seemed like a song with plenty of life still in it.

It's a simple, hopeful song. We all have those 'Monday morning' moments when life pulls us down. This is a song of encouragement, to try and help each other to look optimistically upwards and outwards rather than inwards and maybe catch a glimpse of a brighter more hopeful bigger picture.
'…throw the doors and windows open to your soul. Let the wind come rushing through'

The outro of Rooftops of the World was a bit of a happy accident. At the end of a guitar take, I carried on aimlessly messing around (as musicians often do) just expecting the final mix to be edited and faded much sooner. However, as we overdubbed the drums, bass and keys, everyone did the same thing in this section. i.e. messed around aimlessly! Musicians often relax and have a bit more fun  when they think the red recording light is off. We all seemed to be having so much fun here that we just left it in the finished mix - rough edges and all. Hope you have fun listening or don’t hesitate to fade it out much earlier!