Good Friday Agreement


We originally didn't intend to include two versions of Good Friday Agreement on the finished album Butterflies and Galaxies. We worked on both versions and were going to choose between them. In the end, one song of reflection and another of celebration hopefully helps to say a little more of what the cross of Jesus Christ really means. In truth there could be a thousand versions but as the song says 'no song could ever say'.

My strongest memory of recording this track was recording the lead vocal for Part 1. We had tried on previous occasions to record it but had struggled to find the right key and feel. I was delayed in Sweden on a recording trip by the Icelandic volcano that erupted in the spring of 2010 when all flights were cancelled. This gave us some unexpected extra recording days. After a visit to Annika's church and a special morning communion service there, we were inspired to make some changes to the track and try again the next day. Suddenly it all came together.

When we were mixing I turned up at Brucie's place after a long early morning drive and he played me back the mix of Good Friday Agreement part 1 that he had been working on. It was a moving moment as the sound of the rain came in.…..'nothing in my hands, naked in the rain'.

Were the whole realm of nature mine,
That were an offering far too small;
Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.

(Isaac Watts - When I survey the wondrous cross, 1707)

Three centuries ago Isaac Watts wrote words that have endured so powerfully because they speak of a heart and mind captivated by the cross of Christ and not one, but two lives surrendered.

When we read or sing them we make a journey to a hill in Israel 2000 years ago and stand there with our lives and with our questions. We ask who am I? We ask who is this? We turn and walk away or we kneel.